28th May 2015
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Tub-thumping piety (John Tulloch)

It's a time for piety from the SNP and Robbie McGregor, "lawn sleeves billowing", gives us the text."Thou shalt not lie!" he thunders. Thumping the "Good Book", he demands atonement and warns of judgment to come:"The most important consideration must be that an apology is due by the MP to th... Read more...

Over the side is not over

I open this with a question. Of all of you good people who took part in the Voar Redd Up this year did you notice a new type of waste coving our shores?I am referring to the black plastic spikes used by the mussel industry to split the ropes open. Is there a better way to split these ropes? Coul... Read more...

The undecided (Angela Sutherland)
04/05/2015, by in Readers' Views

No doubt most people will have made their minds up who they want to vote for by now and there will be no dissuading them.However, for those few folk who have not quite chosen or who might be wavering from their normal course, there's a lot to consider.Since 2010, during a time of global fina... Read more...