22nd May 2015
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In this week’s Shetland Times

In this week’s  Shetland Times:

• A judge is deciding whether to release cockpit recordings from the helicopter which crashed off Sumburgh in 2013.

• Brae make-up artist Babs Clubb is hoping to land a career in film or television after turning her hand to prosthetic and special effect makeovers.

• Warnings have been made after starlings found car engine bays the ideal places to build their nests.

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Front Page(1)
Front Page(1)

Navy ship open to the public

  • Five day visit for Navy mine hunter.
  • Part of a public engagement and commemorative visit.
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Pilots’ union opposes Lord Advocate’s challenge over black box

• A pilots’ union has warned a legal bid to gain access to black box data from the Sumburgh helicopter crash would have “an adverse impact on future investigations”.

• The Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland, has gone to the Court of Session in Edinburgh seeking disclosure of the information from the Super Puma flight that crashed in the North Sea two years ago.

• Balpa claims that any benefit arising from granting such an order is outweighed by the adverse domestic and international impact such action may have.

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A Bond Helicopter hovers over the Aith Lifeboat and life raft at the scene of the ditching at Garths Ness. Photo: Dave Donaldson
A Bond Helicopter hovers over the Aith Lifeboat and life raft at the scene of the ditching at Garths Ness. Photo: Dave Donaldson

Legal challenge over crash helicopter’s black box

• Scotland’s top law official was expected to set out a legal challenge to air accident investigators today.

• Landmark hearing over data surrounding the 2013 Sumburgh helicopter crash is expected to last three days.

• Lord Advocate is calling on the data recordings to be handed over to help quicken the ongoing Crown Office investigation into the North Sea tragedy.

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